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Highly skilled, traditionally trained


Our traditionally trained Butchers are not only highly skilled, giving you the best cuts for your money, but also know their stuff when it comes to recommending the right choice for you and your family. BBQ? Banquet? Big Appetite? Our Butchers know what you need.


Our staff are highly trained so you can be assured that you're getting the very best. 


At The Butchery you can guarantee you'll get top quality service from any of our friendly, helpful and knowledgeable team of staff.

Each staff member has their own special interests and skill-set. Some are craft beer affectionados, others are wine buffs, some pride themselves on being masters of the grill. Whoever you speak to is sure to point you in the right direction and because we truly love what we do so, whatever your question, we're always sure to answer it with a smile.


Whatever the cut, however you like it, we have it. 


When you shop at The Butchery, you can be certain that you're purchasing meat of the highest quality, cut with care, and at just the right price. T-Bone, Rib-Eye, Prime Rib or something more obscure? We're confident we have what you need.


But why stop at just meat?

Artisan cheeses? Check! Craft Beer? Check! Excellent Wine Selection? Check! Whatever the occasion, come browse our huge selection of offerings and we're sure you'll leave our store ready to wow your friends and family alike.