Now that football season has officially kicked off, here are some expert tips on how to take your tailgate to the next level: 


·  Burgers are everyone's favorite tailgating food. To prep for the most mouth-watering burgers, heat on medium-high for about 5 minutes before placing your beef on the grill. Quality makes a huge difference, so you'll want to look for the highest-quality burgers around. Our ground beef is prepared in-house from one loin and combined with trimmings from our prime cuts. For a burger made with 100% filet mignon cuts, try grilling our filet burger at your weekend tailgate.

Grilled Chicken Wings

·  You won't need a deep-fryer for this crowd-pleaser. Grill your wings with a griddle pan to ensure each is evenly cooked. To top it off, serve your perfectly grilled wings with a classic barbecue sauce or Sriracha for an added kick. 


·  Start with our high-quality sausages and you can't go wrong. Our best advice when grilling sausages is to not overcook them. Place over moderate heat and rotate for evenly grilled sausages. Serve on a lightly-toasted brioche bun with sauerkraut and enjoy.

Steak Tips

·  Our house marinated steak tips are perfect for the grill and easy to cook for large groups. Throw this unique New England cut straight on the grill at high heat, keeping the heat up from start to finish. You're sure to impress your tailgate guests with this delicious and user-friendly cut that's exclusive to The Butchery.